23 Oct 2016

Representation: disability

How does the extract construct representations of disability using:
  • Camerawork
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Editing
  • Sound
50 marks

Explanation/argument/analysis = 20 marks
Examples = 20 marks
Terminology = 10 marks

The handout to accompany this lesson can be downloaded HERE

13 Oct 2016

Today's Lesson - Complete your TV drama essay and prepare it for submission.

Before I mark your essay you must prepare it for me. If you skip a step I will not mark your work.

Step 1

  • Highlight every references to 'regional identity' in red
  • Highlight every technical term for camera angles in yellow
  • Put in bold every technical term for editing
  • Italicize every term for sound

Step 2

Reflection and target

Is there a technical area which you can already identify you have under analysed? Write this at the end of your essay.

Step 3

Underline ALL references to Roland Barthes narrative codes.

Step 4

Highlight all coordinating conjunctions in blue

and, also, in addition, not only … but also, moreover, further, besides, or, or else, alternatively, in the same way, likewise, just as, both … and, but, however, in contrast, on the contrary, instead, nevertheless, yet, still, even so, neither … nor, though, although, despite, in spite of, notwithstanding, whereas, while..