29 Jun 2017

PRELIM Evaluation Questions

A2 Evaluation Questions (Preliminary Activity)

The evaluation questions you will answer at the end of your year 13 coursework are:

  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
The areas you need to cover in your preliminary video evaluation are:

1) Pre production (story boarding, prop lists etc) 
2) Production (filming etc)
3) Post production (editing footage etc)

On each post (one per area) you need to write an account of what you did at every stage and list skills acquired and skills you need to develop. 200 words (approximately) per post.

Within these 3 areas you need to consider in what ways your media product uses, develops or challenges forms and conventions of real media products? Also, how effective is your video. Is it good or bad? Why? What will you do differently next time/ What have you learned?

19 Jun 2017

Filming Schedule - recreation task 19/06/17 - 30/06/17

All filming and editing must be completed by Friday June 30th at 3:10pm

Schedule WB 19/06/17-30/06/17:

INDIVIDUAL: Complete story boards for at least the first minute of your chosen song (maximum 1 lesson) 
INDIVIDUAL: scan in an upload to blog
INDIVIDUAL: Create prop list and source all props + book equipment/white room  (maximum 1 lesson)
GROUP: Film (maximum 2 lessons)
PAIR: Upload and edit footage. Work in pairs to create your final edit. (maximum 3 lessons)
INDIVIDUAL Complete evaluation tasks (maximum 1 lesson)

15 Jun 2017

Music Video - shot by shot recreation schedule

part 1:

  • Complete lip synching task-lip synch first 30 seconds of chosen song. All students to complete.
  • Edit lip synching task.

part 2:
Storyboard first 60 seconds of chosen song (videos are in posts below):

  • Rihanna, Kanye West, PaulMcCartney - FourFiveSeconds
  • David Bowie - Be My Wife
  • Cat Power - Cross Bones Style
  • The Kills - No Wow

Feel free to choose your own video if you can easily recreate it.

  • Storyboard templates can be found here.
  • Assign group roles - director, camera person, band.
  • Organise all instruments and outfits.
  • Begin filming.
  • Complete all filming.
  • Begin editing (in groups edit the same footage).

14 Jun 2017

Lip-synching task

  • Choose any song.
  • Lip synch thirty seconds of the song.
  • Everyone to have a go.
  • Post the results onto your blogs.

Extension task - SLO MO performances

5 Jun 2017

Transition to A2 - Activity 1: The Continuity Exercise

As part of the transition from AS to A2 you must walk into a room and sit down. This activity is the first part of your A2 coursework and must be completed by all students.
Work in a group of no more than 4 students.

All students must produce their own storyboard and edit their own version of the footage


Actor 1
Actor 2
Camera operator


Close up
Extreme close up
Medium shot
Long shot
Match on action
Shot reverse shot
Two shot