15 Dec 2016

Textual Analysis Alphabet

In today's lesson you are going to create an alphabet of textual analysis. For each letter, A-Z, come up with a term, definition, and example.

For instance, the letter A could be: A for action code, or A for Alvarez, or A for asynchronous sound.

You then need to screen grab and example from a TV drama we have studied in class.


A is for Alvarez. Alverez identfied common racial stereotypes in media texts. These were... an example of this can be seen in the screen grab below from Hotel Babylon


Where will I find all this? Look through your class notes, essays, blog posts, feedback sheets, my blog, the internet to find all the terms, definitions and examples

How long do I have to do all this? Today's lesson and some of your festive 50  

What about the letter X? Xenophobia

Z? Zoom

8 Dec 2016

Social Class and Status Feedback lesson



In today's lesson you will act on the feedback given and make improvements to your class and status essays.

Next Steps: 
 Go through your first draft and highlight every time you have used the words ‘class’ and ‘status’ 
 Select two paragraphs of your essay which I’ve written a number by. Re-write these paragraphs to address the target in GREEN pen 
 Improve accuracy of terminology use -> starting points: sound and editing definitions above 
 Improve links to critical views of stereotypes -> starting points: Perkins explanation above 
 Include evaluation of audience response 
 Integrate mise-en-scene into your examples