9 Sep 2016


The area we will be covering is Textual Analysis and Representation.

You need to familiarise yourselves with the 7 areas of representation and the 4 areas of analysis. These are the areas we will be covering in class over the next 14 weeks.

As a starting point I want you to think about how you construct your own representation.

Use UK Tribes (password is on the wall in H2 but you may not need to sign in and can use it as a site for research instead) to find the group or groups (there can be crossover) that you think you belong to. 
Why do you belong to this group(s).

What media figures (actors, musicians, sportspeople, celebrities) do you consider similar to you. In what way are they similar to you/ are you similar to them?

Do you consciously 'model' (copy modes of dress, style yourself, act like) yourself on any of these media figures? Why is that?

Construct a representation of yourself using the above information. Add images of the type of clothes, accessories and gadgets you prefer. Add images and descriptions from UK Tribes to further illustrate your self representation. Post directly to your blog, or if using word embed in Scribd before uploading.

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