15 Jun 2017

Music Video - shot by shot recreation schedule

part 1:

  • Complete lip synching task-lip synch first 30 seconds of chosen song. All students to complete.
  • Edit lip synching task.

part 2:
Storyboard first 60 seconds of chosen song (videos are in posts below):

  • Rihanna, Kanye West, PaulMcCartney - FourFiveSeconds
  • David Bowie - Be My Wife
  • Cat Power - Cross Bones Style
  • The Kills - No Wow

Feel free to choose your own video if you can easily recreate it.

  • Storyboard templates can be found here.
  • Assign group roles - director, camera person, band.
  • Organise all instruments and outfits.
  • Begin filming.
  • Complete all filming.
  • Begin editing (in groups edit the same footage).

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