4 Jan 2017

Setting up your coursework blog 5 simple steps

You need to create a separate blog in order to host all the work you will complete during the production of your coursework. EVERY piece of work you complete counts towards your final grade. 

You are also marked on your organisation and time management; having checked your existing blogs I am aware which students are likely to get a D grade due to their poor work ethic and lack of organisation.

1.Set up a new blog using Blogger.
The address needs to be yournamemediacoursework.blogspot.com

e.g. johngreenmediacoursework.blogspot.com

2. Add the following gadgets to your blog (as a minimum):

  • labels
  • blog list
  • link to teacher blogs (also follow both teacher blogs )
3. Embed the coursework schedule onto your blog. 

4. Follow my teaching blog http://mrsmithasmedia.blogspot.co.uk 

5. Email me you blog address.

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