15 Jan 2017

This Week Monday 16th - Jan - Fri 27th Jan

Monday 16th - Jan - Fri 27th Jan 
• Lessons to pitch idea to class and receive Feedback
• Evaluate class feedback
• Test shots of artist/band
• Complete fat plan of cover/ contents page/ double page spread (1 lesson)
• Gather audience feedback on your mock up flat plan.
• Write draft article
• Begin composing cover/contents page/ double page spread / draft version

To help with creation of flat plans
This list will get you started on your research into magazine/ graphic designers. In brackets is an example of their work (google it).

Omar Sosa (Apartamento)
Francesco Franchi (Il)
Albert Handler & Anouk Rehoek (A Guide Magazine)
Jop Van Bennekom (Fantastic Man)
Guido Kroger & Maxime Pintadu (Nico)
Mike Meire & Tim Geisem (o32c & kid's wear)
An Art Service ('sup magazine)
Raffiere AG Fur Gestalung (Kinki Magazine)
Matt Willey (Elephant)
David Carson (raygun)
Vier 5 (Fairy Tale)

Double page image from Kinki Magazine

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