12 Jan 2017

Thursday 12th January - Year 12Y work

Complete Preliminary task. Carrying out research and planning. To include:
• Examples of other texts generally and also within genre
• Analysis of magazine covers' contents pages and double page spreads
• Analysis of colour palettes' fonts 3 examples of each
• Language register: read magazine articles' interviews and reviews as part of research. Decide on style you wish to adopt.
• Decide on style of music magazine based on research carried out
• Analysis of existing magazine titles within genre
• Decide on title of magazine
• Research relevant fashion/styling associated with genre
• Mood boards
• Audience research; use uktribes.co.uk. This must be conclusive and you must show evidence of responses From at least 3 people
• Audience profile
• Research relevant photographers' graphic designers' magazine creators
• Analysis of institution that would publish your magazine
• Preparation of a 20 word pitch
• Compose 20 song playlist of tracks that have inspired you using spotify 
extension task
• Read and comment on peer blogs Extension task*
Look at examples provided for guidance.

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